Plant Spirit Immersions

As a stand alone session or offered or as part of my “Animals that Speak, Plants that Talk Back, Hearts that Hear and Heal” online offering, this is an experiential journey for you and your dog to immerse in the presence and vibration of a plant spirit in the form of essential oils and hydrosols. Before we meet, I will intuitively sit with you and your dog and feel in to what plant spirit(s) wish to step forward and be part of your immersion. I will then order the appropriate essential oil(s) and/or hydrosols and post them out to you before we are due to meet on Zoom, where I will take you through your plant spirit immersion session.   

During the session you will be taken on an experiential journey with the plant spirit chosen for you where we will explore how this plant ally “speaks” to you and what is to be processed. During this time, we will also allow your animal friend to be with their plant ally and connect in the way they wish, where we will observe this connection and how your dog processes with it.

  • This session will be intuitively guided as I connect to the soul of your animal friend and the plant ally(s) sent to you. These sessions may also include shamanic drumming, rattle, channelling or other intuitive and soul led practices that I am guided to include as part of the session.   

    This session will be approximately two hours.

If you would like to learn more about any of the above practices please contact Kachina Canine and we will be happy to speak with you.