Dogs !

We love them. 

We want to do what is best for them. 

We want to know all that we can to provide them with a happy, long and healthy life.

Sound familiar?

Then Dr Isla’s canine wellness wheel course is for you!

“The most thought provoking, informative course I have ever done. Not only taking a dog back to its indigenous past, but back to the actual cells where everything begins. So easy to understand in Isla’s wonderful, relaxed delivery. I have been waiting all my life for a course like this. At long last, I am beginning to truly understand my dogs, and I love them even more”

“This course will change the way you view your dog and help deepen your understanding of who they truly are. Its fascinating, eye opening & set out in an easy and simple way to work through. I’m now always considering functional characters when chatting to people about their dogs. They are amazed when a dogs behaviours are re-framed. We all do our best until we know better. And this course makes it better”

Hi, friend!

I am Dr Isla Fishburn and I have dedicated my life so far to learning, exploring, teaching and combining all of my skills and knowledge to make life better for you, for your dog(s) and for all of life. I am a scientist and shamanic practitioner. I combine my love of science and indigenous wisdom to expand your knowledge and connection to the intricacies of a dog’s world and just how our own wellness can influence how our dog feels and responds! I am passionate about our dogs living happy and healthy lives, which by default, means I am passionate about you living a life you love and on a planet that is also healthy and happy. You see, the wellness of your dog is SO MUCH more than just focusing on him/her! I want nothing more than for you to widen your consciousness and connect to the deeper intelligence of life that you and your dog are and are a part of.

Welcome to exploring your dog’s canine wellness wheel!

It combines science with indigenous knowledge, it combines canine health and human health, it combines the need to care for our earth to care for our dogs because, as you will discover, the health of your dog’s and his/her cells is interconnected to the health of the Earth.

Being genetically ancient canines and, therefore, having an indigenous blueprint Dr Isla explores how, why, when, what and who our dogs are as individuals, as social group animals, as ecosystems and, most importantly, as cellular beings whose energy states can become compromised through several “gateways” that affect the vibrational, emotional, physiological, mental, spiritual, nutritional and physical wellness of a dog.

CANINE WELLNESS (14 lessons) The running theme is educating YOU not only about how we need to consider and understand a dog as a domestic animal, but first and foremost understanding our dogs as a genetically ancient canine living in a modern day world. From this perspective, this can create a constant state or prolonged state of sympathetic activation within a dog’s ecosystem. I guide YOU through how to consider a dog as an ecosystem, what this means and the energy gateways of the canine wellness wheel (there is a human one too!). The wellness wheel “feeds” a dog’s ancient immune, digestive, nervous and energy ecosystem and can influence anything from behaviour to illness. So, the first module begins with the canine wellness wheel and what this means. It takes you through the different energy gateways that can either feed a dog’s ecosystem for resilience or one of distress and disturbance. It includes subjects such as safety, diet and digestion, social interactions, rest, emotional balance and so much more!


BONUS SECTION! (9 sections) There is also a huge bonus section that provides you with videos, instruction and guidance on some of the therapies I discuss within the modules so that you can practice on your own dogs.

NOTE – this course is taken directly from Dr Isla’s more in depth Complete Canine Wellness online course. Some parts of this course refer to other sections of the complete course.

What's the investment?

The investment is £111

Co-existing with a dog is about a partnership

Co-existing with a dog is about a partnership, a co-creative way of living and having complete trust with each other. I want this to be the same for you and me. Your investment is important to me and I value your commitment and feel you’re on the fence, finger poised over the enroll button. I want you to have FULL TRUST in me and what value I can bring to you, your dog and the work you do. I want you to feel 100% certain that my teachings are going to change your life and the way you interact, live, understand and love your dog.

Remember, you get lifetime access to this incredible content and this community. You can watch the lessons as often and as much as you like, wherever you like, in whatever you like – onesie, speedo’s, PJs, butt naked, in a full evening gown!

This is a game changer for you! This is a life changer for your dog. This is your time to EXPAND in every way – your knowledge, your teachings, your life, your relationship with your dog and so much more! This is TRANSFORMATIONAL!

Thank you for doing the right thing for all the dogs in your life and making one of the best investments you have ever made – on behalf of the canine kingdom, I thank you!

Blessings, high fives, fist punches and woop woops all round!

You’re welcome!

NOTE – this course is taken directly from Dr Isla’s more in depth Complete Canine Wellness online course. Some parts of this course refer to other sections of the complete course.

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