A happy and healthy dog…starts with a happy and healthy Earth!

Dr Isla Fishburn (BSc Zoology and MBiolSci and PhD in Conservation Biology) is a canine wellness practitioner and shamanic practitioner for people and dogs. Isla understands that everything is a vibration – you, your dog, the earth. As such, Isla believes that complete wellness for a dog must include wellness for all of life as a collective. To better the life of dogs and people, Isla is passionate about spiritual ecology, earth based teachings and co-creative partnership with Earth.

Isla founded Kachina Canine, a conscious company, due to a gap in the animal industry that she wants to fill by creating coherence for all of life. Underneath any physical being is a soul, a vibrational being that can influence how an individual accepts, feels, interacts with and responds in their current world. Isla’s research into ecosystem health and working closely with captive wolves (including their behaviour, conservation, symbolism and ceremony) drove her passion for wellness and connectivity even deeper.

Isla realised how she could bring her knowledge, teachings and experiences to domestic animals and make a significant and positive difference to people and their dogs who may be struggling to connect, communicate or interact on one or more levels.

Hence Kachina Canine was born to explore and teach the emotional, physiological, physical and spiritual well-being of not just man and his dog but how to create complete wellness for all of life.

…raising the vibrations of your dog. Raising the vibrations of you. Raising the vibrations of all life!
Kachina Canine Black and White Picture of Isla
Kachina Canine Isla Drumming

Here at Kachina Canine we recognise each dog as an individual. Reaching complete wellness will be case specific as each individual is different.

Like all mammals, dogs are sentient beings that are constantly observing, listening, learning and, most importantly, feeling.

From our ongoing research, Kachina Canine has embraced and developed wellness techniques and practices to help the overall health and longevity of a dog and how he or she is feeling.

Our motto is simple – to play a key part in ensuring the health span of an individual equals their life span. This can only be achieved by supporting an individual’s ecosystem through complete wellness. Here, conservation and connection is also key.

…Better connected. Better Canine.

Isla has developed the canine wellness wheel© and human wellness wheel© to not only demonstrate the interconnectedness of life and the need to conserve nature but to also provide as an easy tool to achieve complete wellness – for your dog, for you, for all of life.

Through her work on complete wellness Isla hopes to educate others to have a  wider appreciation, respect and connection to nature and conservation and a regard for protecting indigenous tribes and their lands. Isla supports several charities and organisations that promote wildlife conservation, protection of indigenous tribes and universal co-existence for all. Conservation is key to achieve complete canine wellness.

We are proud to say we have radically improved lives of many, many dogs and continue to advise and consult with individual dog owners, veterinary practices, canine food producers, and animal healthcare professionals.

Health and longevity come first at Kachina Canine and Isla works with the greatest of love, compassion, wisdom and intention to provide the best support she can for your dog, you and mother Earth.

With love and blessings.