A little bit about me

Dr Isla Fishburn (BSc Zoology and MBiolSci and PhD in Conservation Biology) is an intuitive canine wellness alchemist, shamanic practitioner and soul nourisher for people and animals. Isla understands that everything that exists is a vibration and a soul – you, your dog and every living being. As such, Isla focuses on spiritual nourishment to improve wellness and believes that complete wellness for an animal must include wellness for all of life as a collective; where we exist and live consciously, intuitively and from the heart. To better the life of animals and people, Isla is passionate about spiritual ecology, soul nourishment, earth based teachings and co-creative partnership with all of life. Here, we exist as one heart.

Isla founded Kachina Canine to create a spiritual and conscious community for the animal industry, for both animal professionals and guardians. Isla wishes to implement and blend how spiritual causes of wellness, intuitive guidance, spiritual connection and heart led practices can support and better the life of both human and non-human animals that co-exist together.

Due to a gap in the animal industry about the importance of such topics, Isla wants to fill this by creating coherence for all of life. Underneath any physical being is a soul, a vibrational being that can influence how an individual accepts, feels, interacts with and responds in their current world.

Isla realised how she could bring her knowledge, teachings and experiences to support the life of companion  animals and their human guardians who may be struggling to connect, communicate or interact on one or more levels.

Hence Kachina Canine was born to explore, teach and build a spiritual community for the animal industry that considers the emotional, physical and spiritual wellness of dog, human and their spiritual journey together. Your dog is a soul, you are a soul and you have come together at this time for a powerful soul journey together. Whilst you can teach your dog many things, your dog is also here to teach you about yourself, what you are here to learn, heal from and how to live intuitively with your animal friend.

Here at Kachina Canine we recognise each living being as unique, as an individual and as a soul. Nourishing the wellness of your animal friend will be case specific as the “biography of each individual animal shapes their biology.”

Your animal friend is a vibrational being, existing as energy and frequency. Your animal friend is a sentient being that FEELS its way through life. Your animal friend is also a soul that lives and responds from its heart and invites you to do the same. Your animal friend is living from moment to moment, constantly observing, listening, learning, feeling and updating its biological system impulse by impulse, vibration by vibration.

From our ongoing research that combines science with indigenous wisdom, Kachina Canine has embraced and developed wellness techniques and practices to help the overall health and longevity of your canine friend and how he or she is feeling.

Our motto is simple – we want the health span of your animal friend to match their life span through spiritual, physical and emotional wellness. This can only be achieved by supporting your dog as an ecosystem, as a soul and as a vibration. Here, conservation and connection is also key.

To help you explore and understand yourself, your animal friend and how to support both, Isla has developed the canine wellness wheel© and human wellness wheel© to not only demonstrate the interconnectedness of life and the need to conserve nature but to also provide an easy tool to complete wellness – for your dog, for you, for all of life.

Through her work on complete wellness, Isla brings teachings of canine wellness and how to have a wider appreciation, respect and connection to nature, to self, to an animal friend and to all of life.  Isla wishes for all humans to be led from the heart, the soul, where all non-human animals and beings live from. Here, life for a human, an animal, a plant and all of life is one of reciprocity, understanding and intuitive connection and communion. Here, life for a companion animal becomes easier, happier and peaceful.

Isla knows that a happy and healthy animal must also include a happy and healthy Earth, where she is passionate about conservation and a regard for protecting indigenous tribes and their lands. Isla supports several charities and organisations that promote wildlife conservation, protection of indigenous tribes and universal co-existence for all. Conservation is key to achieve complete wellness and nourishment.

Isla is proud to share that she has radically improved lives of many, many dogs, cats and horses and continues to advise and consult with individual guardians, animal professionals, veterinary practices, raw food producers and animal healthcare professionals.

Health and longevity come first at Kachina Canine and Isla works with the greatest of love, compassion, wisdom and intention to provide the best support she can for your animal, for you and for all of life.

With love and many blessings.


What an amazing and enlightening few days it has been.

"It is an intensive course and there is a lot of information to absorb but you’re uniquely different approach to explaining natural dog behaviours, backed up with well researched scientific evidence, clearly highlights how we can so easily miss the subtle nuances of canine communication and completely misread their signals. My dogs and I cannot thank you enough for sharing your knowledge."

If you would like to learn more about any of the above practices please contact Kachina Canine and we will be happy to speak with you.