For many of us, life is tough. Even the most positive people have their bad days. We don’t have the time, make the time or have forgotten just how important rest is for health, and by rest, we mean DEEP rest. This isn’t sitting in front of the television with your feet up kind of rest, but rest that changes your outlook on life, keeps your cells healthy and takes you back to the ancestral being that you are. Science is now supporting what many of us instinctively know – the importance for the body-spirit connection to maintain health and longevity. This is not only important for humans, but for all animals and that includes our dogs too. A dog may have his/her own imbalances to overcome, but many of our dogs also absorb, take on and/or reflect the health of their guardian, whether that be physical, emotional or psycho-spiritual. This can affect the health of a dog physically, emotionally, energetically, physiologically and spiritually.

Our retreat has been created to provide you with rest, soul connection and body-spirit practices to take home with you so you can continue your healing journey with your dog in perpetuity. It will take you to a new level of interacting with your dog, how you view your relationship with him/her and how connected you feel. Indeed, you will become more aware of life itself and how loved you are.

Nestled within the Northumberland countryside our three-day retreat is awaiting you, and your dog’s soul already knows it! Surrounded by beach walks, near by lake views or forest romps you will be bathed not only in the healing landscapes but the medicine we will offer you during your stay.

From the moment you arrive you will be guided in to switching off from the physical world

Entering a world that allows for healing, peace, tranquillity and transformation with your dog – let’s not also forget all the fun and laughter you will have, an important part of healing and balancing your energy systems.

From shamanic drumming, meditation, plant spirit communion, soul connecting, heart presence, energy medicine, spiritual nourishment, medicine wheel teachings as well as clean eating we are excited to welcome you on to our retreat and to witness the beginning of a new relationship with your self and your animal friend.

Day 1

On your arrival you will be welcomed by Dr Isla Fishburn and Penny Borgen, who will be your hosts, teachers, tour guides and staff throughout your stay! The evening will begin with a welcome to your retreat followed by a home-cooked meal as we welcome all in to the circle and discuss the days ahead.We will end the evening with a night time ritual

Day 2

We will begin with a morning salutation followed by a meditation. After a break to exercise your dog(s) and have lunch we will continue the afternoon exploring spiritual nourishment and connection with your animal friend. You will receive some teachings around the medicine wheel and begin to practice heart presence and explore wider consciousness. That evening you will enjoy some of Penny’s home-cooked food, which is always made with love, compassion and zest – an important recipe for soul nourishment.

After a little time to digest your food and exercise your dog(s), the evening will end with a guided journey, drumming journey and/or an intuitive and soul guided story time! You can then enjoy the remainder of your evening relaxing and absorbing everything you have received during the day.

Day 3

Beginning and ending in a very similar way to Day 2, we will take a deeper exploration in to the connection with your dog(s) and how to bring forward co-existing together from a wider consciousness and being soul lead. You will receive techniques that you can continue to do for yourself and your dog(s) to deepen your intuition, soul connection, spiritual journey and and life with your dog from the place of wider consciousness.

Day 4

The Retreat will end on the morning of Day 4 after a final morning salutation, meditation and a final share from all in the circle   

  • 15th to 18th November 2022
  • 28th February to 3rd March 2023
  • 11th to 15th December 2023

Retreat investment from £1,050.00

For one guardian and one dog – £1050.00
For two guardians (sharing room) and one dog – £1500.00
For one guardian and two dogs – £1100.00
For one person and no dog – £700.00
For two people (sharing room) and no dog – £1,000.00

This includes meals, accommodation, take home information and teachings received from Isla and Penny. 

If you would like to learn more about any of the above practices please contact Kachina Canine and we will be happy to speak with you.