A healing space for you and your dog

The dates available for 2020 include:

      • Friday 12th to Monday 15th June 
      • Friday 11th to Monday 14th September 
      • Friday 9th to Wednesday 14th October – open to those who have attended a weekend retreat

For many of us, life is tough. Even the most positive people have their bad days. We don’t have the time, make the time or have forgotten just how important rest is for health, and by rest, we mean DEEP rest. This isn’t sitting in front of the television with your feet up kind of rest, but rest that changes your outlook on life, keeps your cells healthy and takes you back to the ancestral being that you are. Science is now supporting what many of us instinctively know – the importance for the body to receive regular states of deep relaxation to maintain health and longevity. Relaxation is not only important for humans, but for all animals and that includes our dogs too. A dog may have his/her own imbalances to overcome, but many of our dogs also absorb, take on and/or are affected by our own imbalances. This can affect the health of a dog physically, emotionally, energetically and physiologically.

Our Complete Wellness retreat has been created to provide you with maximum rest, time for healing and techniques to take home with you so you can continue your healing journey with your dog in perpetuity. It will take you to a new level of interacting with your dog, how you view your relationship with him/her and how connected you feel. Indeed, you will become more aware of life itself and how loved you are.

Nestled within the Northumberland countryside this weekend retreat is awaiting you and your dog already knows it! Surrounded by beach walks, near by lake views or forest romps you will be immersed not only in the healing landscapes but the healing we will offer you during your stay.

From the moment you arrive you will be guided in to switching off from the physical world
Entering a world that allows for healing, peace, tranquillity and transformation with your dog – let’s not also forget all the fun and laughter you will have, an important part of healing and balancing your energy systems.
From shamanic drumming, meditation, canine diet testing, energy medicine for your dog and you as well and clean eating our complete wellness retreat will just be the beginnings of you and your dog’s complete wellness journey. 

Arriving on the Friday, you will be welcomed by Dr Isla Fishburn and Penny Borgen who will be your hosts, instructors, staff and teachers throughout your stay! The evening will begin with a welcome to your retreat followed by a home-cooked meal whilst we discuss the weekend ahead.


Saturday begins with a morning salutation followed by a meditation. After a break to exercise your dog and have lunch we will continue the afternoon providing healing for you and your dog’s wellness. That evening you will enjoy some of Penny’s home-cooked food, which is always made with love, compassion and zest – an important recipe for any time we cook and eat.
After a little time to digest your food the evening will end with a guided Shamanic journey where you can meditate with the Shaman’s drum. You can then enjoy the remainder of your evening relaxing and absorbing everything you have learnt during the day.


Arriving on the Friday, you will be welcomed by Dr Isla Fishburn and Penny Borgen who will be your hosts, instructors, staff and teachers throughout your stay! The evening will begin with a welcome to your retreat followed by a home-cooked meal whilst we discuss the weekend ahea


During the retreat you will experience some, but not all, of the following healing techniques including:

Anima-Chi Phytotherapy
Clean eating
Chakra Balancing
Canine wellness
Energy testing for your dog
Energy medicine
Human wellness
Five Elements
Shamanic practices

Pricing for Kachina Wellness Retreat is

1 Person + 1 dog £750
1 Person + Partner + 1 Dog £850 Sharing Room/bed
1 Person + Partner + 2 Dogs Negotiable Sharing Room/bed
1 Person + 2 Dogs Negotiable

This includes meals, accommodation, take home information and the privilege of being immersed in the healing energy of Isla and Penny. We can cater for specialist diets however the kitchen that food is prepared in will have used nuts, seeds, gluten, dairy products. Other allergens may also apply.

Jenna who supplies Raw food for our dogs is willing to supply small quantities and deliver prior to Retreat weekend. If you would like to use this service please visit her website www.pawfectlynaturalnortheast.com and in the comments “ deliver to 1, Sycamore Ct and the Thursday date before the retreat.” Please pay Jenna directly.

Dr Isla and Penny

Dr Isla Fishburn has a BSc in Zoology and a Masters and PhD in Conservation Biology. Isla is passionate about conservation, ecosystem health and re-connecting people to nature, where Isla believes true healing begins. Isla is qualified in energy medicine and is part of a shamanic group as well as an energy medicine organisation that focuses on complete wellness, starting with a respect of the self and mother earth. Isla owns Kachina Canine, a company that focuses on canine wellness, health and longevity where Isla offers a range of talks, workshops, courses and therapies to improve the energy state of a dog. Isla explores how we can conserve and protect our dog’s wellness by viewing our dogs as ecosystems and how we may be able to return a dog from disharmony back into balance.

Isla spent three years working with captive wolves and has owned several wolf hybrids and wolf dogs. She is a Reiki practitioner, Caninepharmacognosy practitioner, Bach Flower Remedy practitioner, canine shiatsu student, and other practices that she has undertaken. Isla also has a very keen passion about sound, movement and dance for healing and is also an advocate for clean eating. She works closely with raw feeding companies, holistic vets and naturopaths. Isla is always researching and advancing her knowledge on how to improve wellness and create a healthier and cleaner planet where humans, animals, plants and all elements can co-exist in harmony and balance. As such, Isla is passionate about conserving traditions, healing and cultures of indigenous tribes.

Penny Borgen has a Masters degree in Complementary Health, which was the basis for setting up a complementary healing service at the Hospice where she worked for 10 years. Penny is also a qualified Aromatherapist. Having retired in 2011 Penny became a guardian to a miniature Labradoodle – Kofi- that was trained and lived in a very traditional way – not allowed on the sofas, expected to do as she was instructed etc! Ghali (a mixed breed) then came into Penny’s life and showed her a very different way of being with dogs. Ghali was anxious, scared, hated training classes, and could not have been more different so help was enlisted from Dr Isla Fishburn. Penny attended Isla’s 4 day canine wellness workshop and gained a much better understanding of what it means to be a dog guardian. From there Penny trained as a CanineFlow practitioner and runs Relax Dog classes in Northumberland.

Penny has an interest in cooking and loves creating meals for others – she will be the main caterer on the retreats show casing some of Northumberland’s local produce.

For more information or to book a retreat call Penny on 07951504556 or email her at borp3009@yahoo.co.uk. Given the busy work schedule Isla has, Penny will be your first point of contact and looks forward to hearing from you.
If you would like to learn more about any of the above practices or would like to book one for your dog, yourself or for both of you then please contact Kachina Canine and we will be happy to speak with you and look forward to assisting you with your complete wellness journey.