Kachina Canine Teaching

Our teaching is that every individual is unique; every human, insect, plant, animal…and dog. This variation allows for a tapestry and diversity of life. No two beings are the same. Variation between birth, diet, medical history, life events so far, exercise, interaction, sleep patterns, character…the list is quite extensive but each aspect shares how “your dog’s biography shapes their  biology.”

It is important to consider the physical being that your dog is and what shapes him/her. Yet, your dog is also a non-physical being that exists as a soul. In fact, your dog’s body is simply a physical house for their soul. This is why it is important to explore both the physical and non-physical being that your dog is and how to support them. This is what Dr Isla offers in her canine wellness online courses and soul sessions for your dog.

We take this information and explore how you can support the wellbeing of your dog and what they are also here to learn and experience. You and your dog have come together at this time for a soul journey, to learn together and to even help you heal too; you are such an integral part of how your dog shows up and who your dog is. We don’t focus on “fixing” your dog because we believe there is nothing to fix. Rather, we explore who your dog is, what is showing up for them and how to support them and yourself too.

This is why Dr Isla Fishburn has also created the human wellness wheel© and Sacred Creator program so that you can explore your own soul nourishment, spiritual healing and coaching with Dr Isla.

Kachina Canine Teaching
Every individual is unique; every human, insect, plant, animal…and dog

At Kachina Canine, Dr Isla recognises that your dog is unique. In fact, there is no other dog quite like yours. That is why my focus is to explore your dog as an ecosystem, an individual and a whole system – emotionally, physically, biologically and spiritually.  To achieve complete wellness your dog needs be in natural alignment with itself and environment. This is why at Kachina Canine we focus on the canine wellness wheel© and soul nourishment for your dog, devised by Dr Isla Fishburn, to provide best quality advise on how to improve your dog’s wellness, behaviour and health.

There are no quick fixes when it comes to providing your dog with ways to transform his/her emotional state and to observe a happier, calmer and healthier dog. It is about compassion, respect, wisdom, care, patience, commitment and love.
At Kachina Canine we focus on your dog as an individual and, because of this, each dog is accepted as being unique.

…your dog’s biography becomes his/her biology

How I can support you and your dog:

Step 1. Listen to my FREE webinar and download my FREE e-book

Step 2. Learn about your dog’s wellness wheel and vibrational health

Step 3. Book an Exploration call with me (FREE 60 minutes)

Step 4. Arrange a soul session(s) for your dog

Step 5. Enrol on my Sacred Creator program for your own soul nourishment and journey

If you would like more information on any of the above, please email islafishburn@kachinacanine.com

…many people do not consider the emotional and spiritual nourishment of a dog and how this can affect their very wellbeing.