In honour to all our animal friends that are known and unknown who have journeyed home and to Tunkasila, my heart, soul and now spirit friend who transitioned on 17 March 2022. This service I offer is for you and because of you.

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When did we stop being in ceremony with death?

When did we become so afraid?

When did we stop holding sacred space for the dying?

When did we stop beautifying death?

How can we return to this place of being in ceremony and holding sacred space for an animal friend that is soon to transition?

How can we hold death from a place of love and peace?

When an animal’s soul is ready to leave their physical body it can be almost unbearable for their guardian. Each and everyone will process differently the experience of no longer having their animal friend with them in physical form.

How can we prepare our animal friend for this journey?

How can we prepare ourselves?

How can we prepare space and make it sacred, ready for our animal friend to transition?

I have specifically created this offering because I wish to beautify death.

I have specifically created this offering because I wish for us to hold sacred space when our animal friend is to transition.

I have specifically created this offering for you so that you can honour your animal’s soul and transitioning in a sacred, ceremonial and powerful way.

I have specifically created this offering for you so that you can be in ceremony with your own grief, sadness and pain.

I wish to beautify death and to create a space of ceremony for an animal guardian for when their animal friend transitions.   

What are we missing?

We can often feel so empty and incomplete when our animal friend transitions. This is not only because of the physical presence and relationship we miss when our animal friend is no longer with us. It is also because, on a spiritual and soul level, we somehow sense that the death of our animal friend is incomplete, like something is missing.

It is the sacred space and ceremony that is missing. It is the honouring of your animal friend’s soul back to spirit that is missing. It is preparing space and healing for yourself that is missing.

It is the spiritual side of death and dying that is missing and, in my own way, I offer how to fall in love with the spirit of death so that you feel more accepting and welcoming when Great Spirit calls the soul of your animal friend to return home. It may just be that the spirit of death comes as a message for you too.  

I currently offer individual soul sessions (can we have this as a connected link to soul sessions) for animals that are soon to transition, where we explore what the soul of the animal would like as a ceremony and sacred space for when this time comes.

However, I want to offer something that goes deeper and allows you, your animal’s guardian, to explore and create a sacred space and ceremony for them and yourself.

It is through the loss of my own dog, Tunkasila, and the ceremony and space that was created for her own transitioning that has brought this course together. I believe that holding her transitioning in such a way allowed for me to be at peace with this and for the grief to move through me, rather than be held within me. It allowed me to truly see the beauty in death and how we can make death beautiful for our animal friend. Rather than being filled with despair and deep heartache, I was filled with love, beauty and a new way of being in relationship with Tunkasila. She continues to guide me and speak to me.

In this course you will explore:

  • The spiritual journey of death
  • What death can teach us
  • What our animal friend can teach us at this life cycle (acceptance, trust, present moment)
  • Setting up sacred space for your animal’s transition
  • Preparing yourself in a spiritual way for your animal’s transition (physical body; movement; soul; fears)
  • Creating ceremony for your animal’s transition
  • What to do after your animal’s transition
  • Staying connecting with the spirit that was your animal friend, once they have transitioned
  • Holding an anniversary
  • Aftercare for yourself
  • Plant spirit allies to support you
  • Messages from your animal friend; what do they wish to share to you?

Before Tunkasila transitioned, I asked her what she had to share about death. This was her reply: 

“Nothing. Death does not exist. Now, transformation on the other hand, that is something very different. Death is so final when there is nothing final in passing over, passing on. To be, to become to only be again. It is a cycle that you see for some of the time, but is not always seen in the way you know. I do not want to speak of death, this is not a word that I would use. This is not a word that holds the power, the ceremony, the sacredness and celebration that it once did of a being leaving their physical body. Death is a pain of the fear of forgetting and being forgotten. Death is the suffocation that ends the significance of dying. I am not to die and be no more; no one is. I am not to die and to not exist; no one is. I am to die when my spirit brings me my death song, which we all have, and I know I am to immerse myself in it. I am to immerse myself in it like a warrior going home. When this is time, and it is not now, I will have already made peace with this and I am at peace with this. I do not sit and wait. I do not sit and wonder when this will be. It is programmed in to me as it is programmed in to all of us. Seek this programming – it was whispered in to our soul, in to you long, long ago. It was a teaching, a training of a mission you accepted, knowing when the mission is to end there will be a homecoming. I do not care of knowing, of waiting, of wondering when my homecoming is to be. When it is to be will be in that exact moment; it will be my mother calling me, my father drumming for me, my grandmother bathing me, my grandfather singing for me and my brothers and sisters running up to me rejoicing and welcoming me home. I want you to know of the warmth that is waiting when this time comes for me, for you, for us all. Yes, when my time comes it will not be warm for you immediately but it is my homecoming and I nod my head with what awaits. You will hold me in song, in ceremony, in a deep heart calling, crying and know I echo your call in the flame of the light, the fire, the candle, the sun, the dusk and the dawn. We are to have an incredible journey in this way where I can provide more for you, where I guide you as spirit grandmother in your own quest. There will be songs to be sung, stories to tell and much sharing and celebration. It will be a legacy just as Tunkasila holds in the great mystery. I will return to be part of it. So, lets not speak of this death as it is considered today, for death is nothing, it does not exist but in only the word. Let us share, celebrate and announce the homecoming and that there is nothing to fear – it will be the most beautiful homecoming that you could not even imagine until you also see it. This is what I want you to know, this is what I want you to be at peace with. This is what I want you to sing from your heart when my time comes and when your time comes. We are simply reflections of love, warriors of the heart, soldiers of light and when our duty is done, we hear the call of our song within us and all around us – in everything that we have existed with at that time; the plants, the wind, the waters, the animals, the stars. We hear the call of our song and, whilst singing, we return home. There is no fear. There is nothing to fear. Be at peace, be at peace for I already am. Simply, when that time comes, stand present, join in with all, join in with me and sing my death song with me.”

If you would like to learn more about any of the above practices please contact Kachina Canine and we will be happy to speak with you.