But what if seeing a dog as just a “dog” rather than an individual prevents a dog from being fully able to express itself and feel good? What if this actually limits your interaction, relationship and connection with your dog?

What if each dog IS an individual and part of its uniqueness can be explained by Functional Character…?

When it comes to providing the best life for a dog, my deepest passion and application is to always consider and appreciate a dog as an ecosystem and a whole system. There are many parts to making a dog whole. Each part is not mutually exclusive, nor independent, from all other parts. Each part, in fact, can be influenced by or influence other parts and all have the ability to determine a dog’s life.

A dog’s functional character is just one of these parts! It does not stand alone in explaining how a dog responds, interacts or learns, as well as what the dog needs, expects and can accept in our modern day world.

Just like humans, dogs are genetically ancient beings that live in a modern day world. Part of this ancient blueprint allows dogs to continue to function as social group animals. The social group part of a dog includes their functional character. For dogs to live and co-exist socially and for social living to be solid, enhanced and in harmony, it wouldn’t make sense for all dogs to all have the same functional purpose.

No, just like other social group animals, the group composition we create for a dog can be one that promotes harmony, balance, peace, reassurance and confidence or one that creates chaos, disharmony and conflict.

Likewise, the functional character of a dog can mean some individuals are better suited to certain environments, certain working roles we place a dog in to our society or easier to learn a new task or skill than others. Once you learn about canine functional characters and apply this subject to your dog or canine business, you will begin to observe a dog in whole new and diverse way.

The course is broken down in to easy to follow lessons that give you all you need to explore your dog’s functional character and what this may mean for your co-existence with your canine friend.

I can’t wait for you to get started and to be amazed at how fitting functional character is to your dog.

Please note, this course has been directly taken from my more comprehensive course, “Complete Canine Wellness.” This is why you will hear me refer to subjects that are not part of the functional character stand alone course but, rather, intended for the full complete canine wellness course.

What's the investment?

The course is £111.00

I always say there is no such thing as a text book dog, unless we wrote a text book for every dog in existence! Canine functional characters is just one example of why there is no such thing as a text book dog. The speed at which a dog learns, the size of a dog’s social network, feeding for a dog’s functional character, population dynamics, confidence levels, social acceptance and interactions, social group conflict, creating harmonious groups and why a dog might naturally be aloof, independent, nervous or shy can in part be explained by a dog’s functional character.

Once you come to recognise functional characters in dogs your consideration, understating, acceptance and relationship with our canine friends will be transformed.

From the dog that learns so quickly yet looses interest just as quick, the dog that will happily lie around almost all day, to the dog that you just don’t understand and is making you tear your hair out…all will become clearer once you learn about a dog’s functional character, what you can expect and how best to support them. Also, how to introduce a dog to others correctly and when putting dog’s together in a group might lead to conflict.

NOTE – this course is taken directly from Dr Isla’s more in depth Complete Canine Wellness online course. Some parts of this course refer to other sections of the complete course.

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