Dr Isla Fishburn, founder of Kachina Canine, is passionate about complete wellness for all of life. Her academic knowledge and experience of working with wolves and wolf hybrids has taken her on a journey to bring complete wellness to dogs. Isla provides a variety of wellbeing needs to bring complete canine wellness to your dog  to provide a long and healthy life.

A happy and healthy dog starts with a happy and healthy Earth!

Isla has had a long interest in nature, healing and conservation for a healthy planet with much focus on shamanic practices. After learning more about wellness, as well as the deep personal connection gained whilst working with wolves, Isla continues to find ways to bridge the gap between non-human animals, plants and humans to co-exist in harmony.

Her research and its practical application has made her one of the foremost authorities on canine wellness and longevity.

Kachina Canine

Maintaining health is our thing

Welcome to Kachina Canine. We are committed to researching and providing solutions to maintain health and enhance the quality of life and longevity for your dog by improving his/her emotional, physical and mental wellbeing and systems.


We can arrange personal complete wellness consultations

complete wellness for 
Healthier Dogs

We have seminars, retreats and workshops to help you maximise the health and welfare of you canine friend.

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complete wellness
for dogs with health problems

Health and wellbeing are the keys to happy dogs

Our seminars cover all aspects of canine wellness.

From disease to diet we look at maintaining health of your canine friend.

If you need to discuss individual cases, call us.

We have an outstanding success rate from dietary and behavioural cases to owner re-education.

for behaviour & emotional     support
From sensitive dogs to hormonal ones…

…our courses explain why certain dogs do certain things.

It may be diet, disease, hormonal imbalance, or perhaps external stimuli which create wellness concerns and understanding these is how we finely analyse and provide solutions.

Come along to a complete canine wellness course where we can also discuss individual cases.


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Don't let you or your dog suffer in silence. A quick call and we can get you on the road to a positive outcome.
We have a proven track record of SUCCESS.

Our team of associates include vets, nutritionists and behaviorists. All like minded people with a holistic approach to canine wellbeing.
We can and do make a difference and pride ourselves on our commitment to making life changing and positive contributions to happy and healthy dogs.
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complete wellness

We have a constantly changing programme of events throughout the year as more courses and workshops are added.
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Kachina Medicine Consultation
Here we provide a personal wellness consultation for you and your dog.

We will look at every aspect of your dog's wellness to provide the best route that we can to maintain health for your dog; advice, therapies, teaching, healing,'s a complete package and a life long commitment.
Anima-Chi Phytotherapy
Anima-chi Phytotherapy comes from the observation that wild animals have the ability (or innate "knowing") to optimise their own health through carefully selecting and utilising plant matter, when health is compromised. Learn more about this therapy and how it can provide complete wellness.
Life Energy Diet
Living bodies need live food. Learn how diet can enhance or compromise complete wellness and why diet should not be ignored when it comes to complete wellness.
Kachina Touch Body Work
This explores the dog's energetics and imbalances within his/her body. It uses a combination of ancient healing systems and how these can re-align your dog's ecosystem to achieve complete wellness.
Kachina Indigenous Healing
This is a natural, connected and often surprising practice where we focus on the interconnectivity between you and your dog (and all of life) to bring balance in to your home and day to day life.
Sound Therapy
Healing your dog from physical and emotional issues can be achieved through sound therapy, which creates an harmonious flow throughout your dog's body.

Today there is a lot of scientific research into the effect of drumming as a sound therapy on the brain, body, emotions and healing benefits.
Kachina Energy Medicine
Focusing on the constellation of energy systems that your dog (and you) are composed of. A series of techniques are used to provide relaxation, rest, recuperation and resetting of your dog's energy systems to improve wellness.
Kachina Wellness Retreats
Created to provide you with maximum rest, time for healing and techniques to take home with you so you can continue your healing journey with your dog in perpetuity. It will take you to a new level of interacting with your dog, how you view your relationship with him/her and how connected you feel.
Kachina Wellness Seminars
National and international seminars and workshops focusing on complete canine wellness can be brought to your door!
what our clients
Ken Pinkney
Dog Owner

What an amazing and enlightening few days it has been. It is an intensive course and there is a lot of information to absorb but you’re uniquely different approach to explaining natural dog behaviours, backed up with well researched scientific evidence, clearly highlights how we can so easily miss the subtle nuances of canine communication and completely misread their signals. My dogs and I cannot thank you enough for sharing your knowledge.



As research is very much the foundation of what we do , we try to keep abreast of new developments and techniques. Alongside publishing or linking to these stories we also feature anything newsworthy we think will be of interest.

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If you want to learn more about how Kachina Canine can support your dog’s wellness please don’t put off contacting us.
We are hear to listen, to support and raise your relationship with your dog to a higher level.  
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