Dr Isla Fishburn, founder of Kachina Canine, is passionate about complete wellness for your dog, you and all of life. Her academic knowledge, teachings of indigenous wisdom, life experiences and several years of close interaction with captive wolves has taken her on a journey to explore, learn and teach how to nourish all aspects of an individual dog – emotional, spiritual, mental and physical. Through a variety of methods and teachings, Isla brings complete canine wellness to your door so that you and your dog live in coherence, harmony and understanding.

A happy and healthy dog starts with a happy and healthy Earth!

A weird and bold statement, right?! But a true one! Isla has had a long interest in nature, vibrational healing and conservation for a healthy planet with much focus on shamanic practices. Isla continues to explore how to bridge the gap between non-human animals, plants and humans to co-exist in harmony and coherence. What better way to get a glimpse of what this feels like than exploring all that you and your dog are connected to, how this can influence you and your dog’s wellness and provide for a more content dog in modern day life.

Take a look and explore all that Isla offers to improve the wellness of your dog, yourself and of all of life. From online courses, retreats, coaching, consultations, soul sessions and even indigenous drumming for your dog – Isla knows that a truly healthy and happy individual is only possible with a healthy and happy connection to and of the earth.


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Ken Pinkney
Dog Owner

What an amazing and enlightening few days it has been. It is an intensive course and there is a lot of information to absorb but you’re uniquely different approach to explaining natural dog behaviours, backed up with well researched scientific evidence, clearly highlights how we can so easily miss the subtle nuances of canine communication and completely misread their signals. My dogs and I cannot thank you enough for sharing your knowledge.



As research is very much the foundation of what we do , we try to keep abreast of new developments and techniques. Alongside publishing or linking to these stories we also feature anything newsworthy we think will be of interest.

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