Bringing science and indigenous wisdom together for wellness

If you would like to understand more about canine wellness and an holistic approach that explores the physical, physiological, psychological and spiritual health for all of life, Kachina Canine has created complete canine wellness courses, retreats, ceremonies and workshops that can be brought to you, your organisation, your team or even your front room! To find out more contact

A happy and healthy dog starts with a happy and healthy Earth!

Complete wellness and living life together

Dogs, like any animal, need to feel freedom; freedom of movement, choices, safety, escape, emotions, expression and from disease. You will come to understand why canine wellness, human wellness and wellness for the collective are not separate and the different factors that make up the wellness wheel. You will learn about:

Applying a wellbeing framework to our dog’s daily life

Your dog as an energy system

What is canine wellness and why it is important for health

The natural biology of a dog

What it means to be a social canine in a modern day environment

The different causes of behaviour, what is normal and what is abnormal

The vital importance of diet for life and health; why diet and health and diet and communication are linked

Natural competition in dogs and why, when and how this occurs

Learning how to be a social animal

Functional characters, group dynamics and interaction

Frustration, aggression, rage, trauma and nervous system affects

The importance of environment to a dog, to us and the natural life stages of a dog

The importance of the human wellness wheel on canine wellness

The benefit of natural healing approaches to support wellness.

How the emotional/mental state of your dog can impact its behaviour

How human error can set a dog up to fail

The human side of canine wellness

You will gain a wealth of information about how to optimise your dog’s wellbeing potential and how to ensure you and your dog are uniting via natural alignment. This will open up the doorway to a new of respecting, loving and co-existing with your dog.

Improve the partnership you have with your dog and deepen your spiritual connection; a necessity for health and wellness for all
Learn as much as you want – you choose
NEW!! Canine Wellness Online Course

New for summer 2019, my canine wellness online course has just been launched!

To learn more about the course, browse the lessons and to enrol on the course click here.

One to One canine wellness (from £233.00 per day)

By popular choice from those wishing for a more guided route to canine wellness and more time working with their dog, I now hold individual canine wellness sessions over one to several days. You will learn new techniques, information and understanding to develop your ability to interact and co-exist with your dog as well as how to conserve your dog’s wellness . This will allow you to become attuned with your dog and support him/her to return to normal functioning.

Note – I only consider these consultations once you have either attended a four day course or completed the canine wellness online course.

One Day Canine Wellness talk (£750.00 in total, minimum 10 people)

This one day talk has been created for people who would like to arrange for me to speak at an event, venue or business. Here, factors affecting canine wellness are explored but the more intricate details are removed so that you are able to have a basic introduction to canine wellness. The day does not include any practical time with dogs.

Complete canine wellness course (£333.00 per person minimum 10 people)

This four day course covers all aspects of canine wellness and the wellness wheel in detail. It provides you with a thorough understanding of what it entails to co-exist with a dog, how to address all of a dog’s wellness needs and the bigger picture of complete wellness for all of life. The final day is a practical day where we apply just some of the topics discussed over the course.


2019 Canine wellness dates:

12th & 13th January – IMDT, St Albans

2nd & 3rd February – Dog Training College, Ipswich

3rd March – Centre Barks Doggy Day Care, Richmond

13th & 14th April – The Puppy Trainer North West, Merseyside

5th May – Positive Dog Training, Dublin

18th & 19th May – Spain

8th & 9th and 15th & 16th June – Vet Creche ltd, Glasgow

7th July – Nosey Barker, Essex

10th August – Canine Heath Concern, Cornwall

28th & 29th September – Spain

5th & 6th October – Raw and Natural Dog Summit, Chicago

12th & 13th October and 2nd & 3rd November, Enjoy Your Dog, Surrey

26th October, TBC

Anima-chi Phytotherapy 

Vibrational Alignment between plant and animal.

Anima is the Greek word for animal, meaning “living soul” and Chi, or prana, is the word used to describe vital life energy or life force that all living beings hold and emit. Thus, Anima-Chi describes the vital life energy that a living soul holds. Plants, or plant therapy (phytotherapy) have the ability to support this!

When an animal is losing health, no matter how intense or subtle this may be, in essence the animal is losing its own energy, or frequency. Through scientific studies on biophoton research, entrainment and other subjects we now know that, at a molecular level, all living beings emit a frequency and resonance. This is specific to the individual, but the resonate of that individual can either become too lowered or too inflamed when the animal is losing health.

Losing health firstly occurs at an energy level, where the animals energy system becomes broken, torn, disturbed or distressed. An animal’s energy state can fluctuate daily and it is important that our dogs are given regular therapies to re-align their energy systems so that deeper imbalances do not take hold. Altered energy states can occur from emotional, physical, physiological, nutritional and environmental disturbances.

It might even be that you want to learn a healing therapy as a daily check-in with your dog’s body and what s/he may need.

Energy systems can be in constant fluctuation and may be able to re-align on their own, so long as the body is able to practice parasympathetic action most of the time. However, modern day living places many stressors on a dog’s (and human’s) body and can keep the body in a prolonged state or constant state of sympathetic action – this can wreak havoc on the body – physically, emotionally, spiritually.

Plants have been used by wild animals and indigenous tribes since ancient times not only for food and nutrition but to also provide healing, medicine and vibrational re-alignment to the body. Through low level frequency, the energy of the plant can silently “communicate” to the energy of the animal and provide the body with an opportunity to return energy states to levels that promote wellness. The dog’s biochemistry can be changed via the biochemistry of the plant and its secondary metabolites, which have similar or the same active constituents that can promote positive changes within a dog’s energy system.

This therapy is both scientific and spiritual. It is both science and an art. It is both mesmerising and unbelievable. It is a powerful example of how interconnected all of life is and how plants and animals do, indeed, communicate to each other to bring about health, healing and wellness.

Both one to one sessions and group workshops can be arranged.

COMING SOON for 2020! Anima-Chi Phytotherapy for Practitioners and dog guardians!

If you would like to learn more about any of the above or would like to book then please contact Kachina Canine and we will be happy to speak with you. We look forward to assisting you with your dog’s wellness journey.