Welcome, friend!

Take an out breath…
Come and sit with me around the collective fire as we journey together to explore the Sacred Creator that you are and can live as with your dog!

Sacred Creator is a twelve month interactive and remote spiritual coaching program that takes you on your own personal journey to return to your indigenous, authentic, intuitive and true self – to the sacred creator and soul that you are!

Your own spiritual health and journey is not separate from your dog’s and my focus is to guide and support you on your own soul growth so that you explore, discover and experience all that you and your dog are. You and your dog are already perfect and, through Sacred Creator, you will trust, learn and know how to exist from your soul with your dog. Here, you will see your dog and yourself in a new light, a new way and with a new focus.

I am excited for you and so is your dog! They are with you now to be on this spiritual journey of the self with you, to guide you and to reflect back to you what is required for your own healing, health and happiness.

Enrolment for my next Sacred Creator program is now open, with Sacred Creator beginning October 30th 2022.

For more information contact islafishburn@kachinacanine.com 

Boom. Boom!
Boom. Boom!
The drum calls you. The earth calls you. Your own soul calls you!

Do you feel it? Do you long to feel it? Do you feel every cell in your body awakening and asking you to begin your life ceremony, your journey, your quest?

Your soul is ready! It was born ready! Your soul invites you to live from this place and to experience life from your soul. It will change how you live, how you exist and how you co-exist with your dog.

Are you remembering? Are you remembering what it feels like, remembering who you are?

When did you forget about your indigenous self? When did you stop being led by your soul, your heart? When did you stop feeling and being guided by your intuitive self?

The self that feels, hears, connects and communicates with all of life from the heart?

Do you feel disconnected, unfulfilled, lost, exhausted?

Do you feel incomplete, empty, flat and long to feel whole again?

Do you wish to return to celebrating life from your soul, filled with love, trust, acceptance and knowing; free from ego, self-judgement and blame?

Do you wish to explore a soul adventure with your dog and co-create a partnership together?

Do you wish to connect with spirit, be led by spirit and guided by spirit?

Are you ready to hand over old wounds, stories, pains, blame or self limiting belief systems that have kept you hidden, caged and controlled without your knowing?

Sacred Creator’s purpose is to guide you through a journey to explore, trust, believe and live as the Sacred Human that you are – from within and to explore and live from this place. The journey itself is a twelve-month program where you follow a map of your own sacred medicine wheel and weave this back in to your being so that you can flood your body, mind and heart with trust, clarity, love, observation, peace and healing.

Whilst the healing journey itself is life long, with the teachings, tools, support, guidance, connecting with spirit and listening to your heart as your advisor, your life long journey becomes filled with beauty, blessings and trust and free from judgement, blame or shame – towards yourself, others and your dog!

Here, you and your dog stand as two beings on a soul adventure together. An adventure filled with laughter, acceptance, ceremony, celebration, honour and joy – even in challenging and turbulent times. Suddenly, what you once considered a problem becomes medicine for you on your soul journey and that which you brings the greatest of resistance can be transformed in to the greatest of medicine!

Sacred Creator is exclusively for the human that co-exists with their dog or another animal friend, or is in the animal industry. Sacred Creator holds you in a safe, trusting and healing space as you move through your own pains, wounds, triggers, blame and survival strategies and emerge the following year with a strong and clear heart, where you remember to live and exist from.

Sacred Creator is a circle where a human feeds their own soul and improves their own soul nourishment, which in turn feeds their dog’s soul and where you begin to understand the soul purposes of you and your dog’s journey together – soul to soul, heart to heart, vibration to vibration.

Sacred Creator is a soul nourishing program where we journey together, through the fun times and through the painful times, but where you have the tools, teachings and guidance to stand within, know of and have a strong sacred hoop and live life from this place.

You are on a soul journey, so allow your own soul and the soul of your dog to guide you; they are here to help you heal too! Your physical body is simply a house for the soul. Your dog’s physical body is simply a house for the soul.

Sacred Creator is a space filled with ceremony, celebration, connection and holding that begins with you. When you do this work for yourself, it has a ripple effect from the inside out, rather than the outside in. When we live life from within, we are filled with a deep trust and soul understanding of how life is to be. When we live from the outside in, it is the fear that consumes us and attracts experiences that keeps us existing from that fear, whether we are conscious of it or not.

This is a program that allows you to completely explore your soul, completely trust spirit, completely celebrate spirit and welcome the Sacred Creator that you are! You deserve this!

It’s time to return to your indigenous self.

It’s time to ignite your inner flame.

It’s time to return to your indigenous self; to feed that part of you that has been starved for so long and that leaves you feeling empty, ungrounded and depleted.

It’s time to soak up the energies from the roots of the Earth, the rays of the Sun, the power of the Moon, the call of the Animals, the spirit of the Plants, the power of the Stones, the movement of Air, the fire of the Stars, the motions of Water and the balance of the Directions.

It’s time to remember Earth based teachings, to sing and dance them back in to your being and to celebrate the sacred that you are – your indigenous self; the self that needs awakening to fulfil you and connect you once again.

Join in the circle and remember your connection to self, to the realms of spirit, work with power animals, spirit helpers, plant allies and connect to the teachings of the elements and explore your inner self.

It will empower you, transform you, relax you, release you, energise you and ground you. There, you will uncover your indigenous you, your true you, your perfect you.

As you explore your own soul on this Earth walk, you will also recognise, see, feel and connect to your dog on a soul level and your life’s journey together. Here, life with your dog, who they are and your connection with them will change, evolve and reach higher states of consciousness, clarity and acceptance.

I’m excited for you!

Sacred Creator Program includes:

  • Sacred Creator welcome pack and workbook (including 6 plant allies that we commune and journey with for soul support and guidance)
  • Sacred Creator live group teachings (21 lessons of approximately 3-4 hours each held at 16:30 on designated Sundays – dates will be sent out to you when you enrol)
  • 5x one to one soul coaching/shamanic healing calls (via Zoom)
  • 4x canine soul sessions for your dog(s) (via Zoom)
  • Enrolment on my canine wellness online course
  • Access to the Sacred Creator Facebook group
  • Invitation to join my weekly online journeying group
  • Invitation to join my monthly online indigenous drumming for you and your dog group
  • Invitation to join Sacred Creator “Fully Lit,” which is a monthly group for anyone that has been a part of Sacred Creator where we continue to keep the fire within clear, fresh and bright
  • Invitation to attend retreats, vision quests, field trips and events exclusively for those who are part of Sacred Creator

The investment for Sacred Creator is £3,333.00. You can pay in full or via 12 monthly instalments (beginning October 2022), after paying a non-refundable deposit of £333.00.

Enrol on to Sacred Creator or BOOK your FREE exploration call for any questions you might have by contacting islafishburn@kachinacanine.com


I’d love to be a part of your soul nourishment journey and to bear witness to your soul!