Present day science is starting to confirm what native cultures the world over have always known – that everything alive emits a vibration.

It is this vibration of all living beings that connects all of life to “one heart-beat.”



When we consider that everything alive emits a vibration, the vibration that one being emits can influence the vibration of another.

Here, the vibration of a human can influence the vibration of a dog. Fascinating, eh!

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Through a process known as entrainment, the vibration that you are firing off can influence how your dog feels, acts and responds. The route to how your dog senses this is through electrical impulses from the heart – from your heart to your dog’s heart.

Whilst a dog and a human may be two physical beings that appear to be separated by space – the vibration we emit radiates out from our physical structure and can travel indefinitely. Scientific studies show that traces of a human’s DNA are activated from thought alone, even when the person is hundreds of miles away.

The acknowledgment that everything is a vibration and is communicating at a level that we cannot see has created an long-lived belief of “one heart-beat” – that we all vibrate as one organism and that as we focus our efforts on being in harmony with ourselves, this creates for harmony within all of life.

One way we can allow our physical being to have an experience which can return us to vibrational alignment, is through the sound of the shaman’s drum. The hypnotic beat begins to influence a person’s heart beat, brain wave activity, breath and vibrational resonance. This, in turn, influences the vibrational state of a dog (or any animal).

Learn about your dog as an energy system, vibrational being and how drumming can support your dog’s wellness and ecosystem, as well as your own!

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