Complete wellness is a way of life. It is a better way of living that considers physical, physiological, psychological and cellular health and being connected with nature. It takes the animal as an individual, as a whole organism and provides a route to healing and restoring the body’s ecosystem. It is said that nature has a cure for every ailment and, for true wellness, we must include the healing power of the elements in to our daily life. What is true for ourselves is also true for all living beings. This includes our dogs. 

All domestic animals, including humans and dogs, are in a quandary. We are genetically ancient beings living in a modern day world. For many, our ancient blueprints are unable to cope with the many stressors present today – this keeps the body in an activated state of sympathetic processing rather than parasympathetic processing. This results in distress and imbalances with the ecosystem of the individual at all levels – from energetic to physical, from nutritional to chemical. Kachina Wellness focuses on re-aligning the ecosystem of your dog and you by focusing on one goal – allowing health span to equal life span. Simply put, Kachina Wellness explores how to create long health and long life for all of life, rather than long life and long sickness. 

Explore how Kachina Wellness can support you and your dog…

Perhaps you are interested in supporting your dog’s wellness further, are interested in a particular practice, have a specific concern you need further support with or feel like you need some advice about your dog’s wellness? Perhaps you feel your own wellness is having an impact on your dog’s wellness? Or, perhaps you would simply like to concentrate on you? Then a complete wellness consultation or particular practice that Kachina Canine offers may be just what you and your dog need!

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Anima-Chi Phytotherapy
‘Self Medication in Animals’
Wild animals have the ability to select plants to support wellness. Dogs can do this too. 
Isla first read about Zoopharmacognosy – self medication in animals – when studying her PhD in conservation biology. Later, Isla became a practitioner of Caninepharmacognosy where she studied and trained with the Ingraham Academy of Zoopharmacognosy.

Anima-chi Phytotherapy is the practice of offering a dog a range of plant materials and allowing him or her to choose the substance(s) required to regain health and balance. This can be for physical, hormonal, physiological, emotional or nutritional health as well as enhancing energy systems.

This is a proven, powerful and effective way to maintain health without always resorting to or solely relying on more pharmaceutical drugs.

Anima-Chi Phytotherapy can be used to improve and maintain wellness of an animal that is, for example,  unwell, has certain physical conditions, is in pain, stressed or anxious; it supports in the process or returning that animal to normal functioning and the whole process is individualised.

The approach that Kachina Canine applies follows the initial work and teachings of Caroline Ingraham of the Ingraham Academy of Zoopharmacognosy, which Isla has continued to evolve and add her own methods to.

You’ll find this therapy eye-opening and fascinating as you delve into the zoological world of natural healing and the connection and dependency we all have with plants.
The Vibrational Dog

Energy movement applies to all animals. Just as your dog is made up of physical systems, s/he is also made up of energy systems – as are you!

At Kachina Canine we specialise in behaviour, disturbances within the ecosystem, plant medicine and ancient healing techniques of shamanism to re-align your dog’s physical, physiological, psychological and other systems.

Dr Isla Fishburn created Kachina Medicine consultations from her unique insight in to behaviour from working closely with a captive wolf family of eleven individuals, and combining her knowledge of ecosystem resilience, plant medicine and energy healing to re-align your dog’s systems, raise their vibration to one of health and, where necessary, raise your own vibration too.

This explores the canine wellness wheel© and human wellness wheel© in detail to analyse how best we can support you and your dog to complete wellness. We use a variety of techniques, behavioural advice, guidance on how best to support your dog and instructions on how you can understand your dog better.

Having adopted a scientifically based rationale around the healing potential of any individual, we have successfully worked with many dogs using this style of energy healing.

It is founded on the metaphysical law that states illness or disease is the result of being out of balance or harmony with oneself. This is what the wellness wheel covers.

This includes a variety of techniques that collectively support, improve and enhance wellness. It can increase energy, reduce pain, improve behaviour, produce deep relaxation and improve the overall feeling of wellness.

This is a beautiful way of working with your dog and offering support. Kachina Canine are promoters and advocates of dogs having choice. All practices are offered to your dog without force, restriction and will last for as long as the dog asks for.

This is a sympathetic & empathetic practice and builds a stronger connection between owner and dog.
Life energy diet
‘He who takes medicine and neglects diet wastes the skill of the physician.’

Diet is fundamentally important in maintaining a dog’s wellness and optimising health. In fact, diet is important for the health of all. 

Science has discovered that 80% of a mammal’s immune system is located in the digestive system, meaning a healthy gut is vital to your dog’s wellness and maintaining strong immunity. The gut is being described as “the second brain” or “the second genome” and more and more research is focusing on why diet can play a pivotal role in wellness or disease. 

Our experience and research of wolf handling, where feeding was a huge part of welfare has meant that Kachina Canine is passionate about feeding your dog (and you) well. We focus on providing foods that are still fresh, vibrant and wholesome.

The food we feed our dogs should not only be species appropriate but should also be foods that support the animal at a cellular level, providing support for that individual to function as a whole system.

There are some foods that your dog certainly needs to be eating to maintain good health and there are some foods that a dog can eat but may be detrimental to their wellness.

We focus on what to feed your dog to support him/her in maintaining complete wellness and a long, happy and healthy life
Kachina Indigenous Healing

This is a specific way we work with your dog through his/her energy system, focusing on sensory based healing – smell, touch and sound to improve your dog’s emotional state and behavioural responses. This is suited for dogs who are thought to show irrational behaviour though trauma, fear, anxiety or anger.

We show you how to transform your dog’s stress response and provide you with the tools necessary to keep your dog in a longer state of relaxation and to support your dog when distressed.

This is a beautiful way of working with your dog and offering support. Kachina Canine are promoters and advocates of dogs having choice. All practices are offered to your dog without force, restriction and will last for as long as the dog asks for.

Transform your dog’s emotional state.
Human Wellness

“Heal yourself before you attend to anything else”

Just like dogs, humans are genetically ancient animals living in a modern day world. Our ancient biology, function and processing of the body is placed under distress, duress and pressure on a daily basis. From inappropriate diet, synthetic drugs, emotional traumas, work-related pressures, over-sanitisation, lack of exercise and over-stimulation of the senses to name a few, the list of disturbances that can interfere with the human system is vast. 
These disturbances interfere with the normal functioning of the human body and lead to an individual’s loss in wellness. Energetically speaking, losing wellness is a sign that the individual is losing energy, losing frequency and this can create further loss of health at all levels – mind, heart and soul.  A dog is able to sense energy fluctuations emitted from other animals, including us, and this can even influence a dog’s wellness.  

Raising your dog’s vibrational state to complete wellness doesn’t happen without raising your own vibrational state and reaching complete wellness. This is going to be a wonderful journey for you and your dog where you will receive healing, improved health and a deeper connection to your soul’s purpose.

Isla uses traditional shamanic healing and energy medicine practices to improve, stabilise or return you back to a state of normal functioning, attempting to bring your energy systems back to parasympathetic action and harmony. This can be a method that requires commitment, patience and time depending on your current wellness state. 

As you transform through this process you will begin to observe changes in your dog and have a greater respect, understanding and love for him/her as you become more aware of you and your dog’s needs, emotions, vibration and connection.

This is not just a therapy, but a whole change in how you begin to understand and influence your own complete wellness.

For more information about human wellness and healing that Dr Isla offers, please visit www.kachinawellness.com
If you would like to learn more about any of the above practices or would like to book one for your dog, yourself or for both of you then please contact Kachina Canine and we will be happy to speak with you and look forward to assisting you with your complete wellness journey.