Dr Isla Fishburn is passionate about the physical health and soul nourishment of your animal friend. To support this, Isla focuses on plant spirit communion and the healing power of a plant’s vibration, biochemistry and spirit to support your animal’s nourishment.

Isla is a qualified Zoopharmacognosy practitioner, but her love for plants began many years before this, when one of her university lecturers inspired her to be as passionate about plants as she is animals. 

Plants have an incredible healing potential through their biochemistry and pharmacological properties. In addition, through their essence, vibration, energy and spirit, plants can directly connect with the soul and vibration of your dog, allowing for alignment, homeostasis and healing on a physical, emotional and spiritual level. 

Plants have been used for healing and medicine for thousands of years. From a spiritual perspective, they are a gift that grants us access to the invisible world, or spirit world, where a plant can guide us to reach this realm as well as staying grounded and connected to earth. It is the reason why plants have their roots in the earth and reach up to the stars – as an invitation for us to do the same and to show us how. 

Plant spirit communion is easy and your animal friend already knows how to do it, when you give them access to the plant they wish to be in communion with and, likewise, the plant that asks to be in communion with your animal. Plant spirit communion supports the spiritual nourishment of your dog this can also support the emotional and physical health of your animal friend too! 

Isla has been studying plant spirit communion for several years and continues to explore this vast, fascinating and expansive subject with a particular focus on essential oils and hydrosols. In recent years, Isla has studied Aromatic Shamanism Mentorship, Co-Creative Partnership with Nature and Plant Allies, Intuitive Plant Medicine, Exploring the Spiritual Dimension of Aromatherapy, Sacred Plant Medicine Mentorship and Alchemical Herbalism. It is the spiritual connection and communion of plant spirits that she wishes to bring to the soul nourishment and health of your animal friend through her soul sessions, teachings, workshops and consultations.

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Searching, seeking, wanting, knowing.

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